How do I install the EZ Boat Fender on a piling?

The EZ Boat Fender is the easiest fender on the market to install. First un-velcro the straps and place the EZ Boat Fender between your boat and the piling with the side that has the velcro sewn on facing your boat. Then you simply wrap the top strap around the piling and velcro to the front of the EZ Boat Fender. Repeat for the bottom strap, if needed.

How many EZ Boat Fenders do I need for my boat?

This will depend on the size of your boat. Most dock pilings are 8′-10′ apart from each other so you have to determine how many pilings your boat will touch when docking against them. There are many different types of boat hulls but generally boats up to a 20′ long need two EZ Boat Fenders. Boats that are 20′ to 35′ need three EZ Boat Fenders and boats that are larger then 35′ will need to get one additional fender for every 10′ of boat length.

Can the EZ Boat Fender be used permanently on my dock and dock poles?

Yes, The EZ Boat Fender is very easy secure permanently to your dock or boat slip. There are two grommets on the top and the bottom of the fender. Simply screw the fender to the dock or piling to be able to use the fenders as a permanent fixture.

Does the EZ Boat Fender float?

Yes, The EZ Boat Fender is made of high density foam and will float if dropped in the water. Some customers even use the EZ Boat Fender to float on instead of a raft!

How long does it take to receive the EZ Boat Fender?

Once the order is placed the EZ Boat Fender will ship within 24-48 hours. Depending on your location you should expect to receive the fender within 3-5 days.